Fallen Hero's Families... Supporting ... Fallen Hero's Families

100% Of Our Profit Goes To Fallen First Responders Families. In Some Of The Southern States The First Responders Make Minimum Wage, Work 2-3 Jobs,  And Have No Benefits At All. So If You Are A Stay At Home Mom And Your Husband Is Killed In The Line Of Duty, Not Only Are You Going Through The Most Horrific Nightmare, Like Our Family Is, But Now You Can't Afford To Pay Your Bills, Could Lose Your Home And Have No Money To Raise Your Kids. These Precious Families Who Have Made The Supreme Sacrifice To Keep Everyone Elses Family Safe Now Have One Unimaginable Nightmare Stacked On Top Of Another. The First Nightmare Is Already Unbearable! Thank You From The Bottom Of Our Hearts For Your Support, Prayers, and Compassion For Our Fallen Hero's Families. We Are Doing This For Them!  Dr. Matt Zerebny (Father Of The Beautiful Amazing Palm Springs Police Officer Lesley Zerebny) Founder And CEO The Cora Rayne Collection. 

Our Beautiful Lesley